A Poem

The inspiration for today’s poem was the following question posted on a small talk thread on Internations a social media for ex-pats.  Btw… I live in Sweden but manage to attend a couple of games each year at Safeco. 

Q: If a baseball and a bat cost $1.10 together, and the bat costs $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

A:   0.05 for the ball and a dollar more i.e 1.05 for the bat.

“Baseball: off-season withdrawal”


Guys and girls I hope you’re satisfied now

The question is answered, even method of how

My longing is stirred – for next season NOW!


It’s still DECEMBER for god’s sake

Apirl 1st  a long wait- so hard to take!


Your question of a baseball bat and ball

Spiked my fever & off-season withdrawal!


I want green grass – clear open blue sky

Hotdog with mustard – it’s tradition that’s why! 


A game with no clock – just the pitcher’s pace

A game of strategy-strength-speed & grace

9 innings and maybe more – as long as it takes!


A game of inches – in a cavernous coliseum

Balls rocket off bats – you can hardly see ‘em!


A game decided by wind, weather or team play

Or just one error – a simple throw gone astray!


In a baseball crowd

It’s best if it’s loud


The mascots antics  

Opinionated fan fanatics


Candid fan camera shots

Goofy dancing -LOL allot!


Baseball is one modern age town square

In shape of a diamond, off-seasons aren’t fair!


So be kind toward the withdrawal symptoms I admit

Don’t question ball & bat pricing compared to a mitt!